Dog Gone and Cat Too

found: dotson

Found male Dotson puppy. He is black and brown in color and was found in the vicinity of 19th and Lindy. Contact Casidy at 580-574-1715


Found: Large Mix Breed Dog

Found large mix breed female dog. She is between 1 and 2 yeards old. She is reddish tan in color and was found in the vicinity of 120 NE Gore Blvd. Contact Joanna at 574-3827


Lost Mix Breed Puppy

Lost female mixed breed puppy named Lucy. She is black in color with a white stripe from her chin to belly. Lost in Gray Warr. she is small and weighs about 20 punds. Contact Amanda at 580-574-5399


Found: Pit Mix

Found male pit mix puppy. Brown and black in color with a tattoo on his belly. He was found in Crosby Park wearing a color. Contact Sandy 695-9225



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Lost or found an animal?

If you have lost or found an animal, please let us know so we can help reunite the pet with its owner. Send an e-mail or call us with the following information:

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Found: Female Boxer

FOUND: White Female Boxer with collar near 67th and Lee Boulevard by CW Scooters. Call 580-215-8895.


Found: Mini-Pin

FOUND: Red male Mini-Pin in the vicinity of Lowe's (44th and Cache Road) wearing a collar. Call 580-536-5505.


Found: Beagle

FOUND: Female Beagle, white with brown and black markings on the north side of Lake Lawtonka. No collar. Call 580-492-4675.