Dog Gone and Cat Too

Found: Sheppard

Found male Sheppard. He is 2-3 years old and is black and white in color and has blue and brown eyes. He was found in the Vicinity of Baltimore and 53rd St. Wearing a blue collar. Call Krista at 583-1689


Lost: Mix Breed

Lost Mix Breed male dog. He is black with gold feet and is a little hairy. He also answer to the name Hairy or Harrison. He was lost in the vicinity of the Stripes on East 45th St. no collar or tags. Call Mary Ann at 695-5166


Found: Young female pup


Found: Young Female Pup, Breed Unknown. 2300 block of Turtle Creek Dr. No collar; very friendly. Call Edward at 580-591-1989 or Deb at 580-591-2365 to identify what is distinctive about this dog & you can claim her.


Found: Male Terrier Mix


I found a small 8-10 lb male dog near bishop rd and 52nd st. He looks to be a terrier mix with light sandy coloring. There is no collar, but he has to be someones baby he is the sweetest thing. Melissa. 435-232-6242.


Found: possible Lab Mix

Found fmale Possible Lab Mix. She is black in white in color with spots and was found in the vicinity of the Catch Resturant near Hwy 7. Wearing a pink collar. Call Kim at 661-301-1842


found: Dachshund

Found male Dachshund puppy. He is black and brown in color and was found in the vicinity of 19th and Lindy. Contact Casidy at 580-574-1715


Found: Pit Mix

Found male pit mix puppy. Brown and black in color with a tattoo on his belly. He was found in Crosby Park wearing a color. Contact Sandy 695-9225



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